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english-week00As we know, that Petra Christian School is a school that has existed since 22nd of April 1951, and founded by Seven Founding Fathers in Surabaya. Now, in 2014, Petra Christian School has 31 schools including Play Groups, Kindergartens, Elementary schools, Junior High Schools, Senior High Schools, and Vocational High School which are located in Surabaya and Sidoarjo. Until now, Petra schools always try to give better education to their students and emphasize on the student’s quality and character. The education concept of PETRA which is actualized in five aspects : Physical Growth, Emotional Intelligence, Talent Development, Religious Education, Academic Excellence, are being applied in all of Petra Schools.

Our Petra 1 Junior High School has applied all of them. In the aspect of Academic Excellence, one of the program is ENGLISH WEEK! Wow, it sounds great it will hopefully be a fantastic and successful programme. So, every second and fourth week in a month, we have an English week. In a week we keep trying to speak English in all activities we do ! For example, morning devotion, school information, and school radio broadcasting. They encouraged us  to keep speaking English actively. At first, it’s very hard to do. But, day after day, we get used to it and feel very happy because we are able to learn English in a different way. We think that this programme helps us to become smarter, braver, and have our self-confidence in speaking English, because through this programme we can learn not only writing and reading but also speaking. We think it is a very excellent programme we have now because English is an important language to open the window of the world.

In English week, in every morning we start our activities by praising and worshiping Lord in English beautifully. Then, there are some information delivered in English by our teachers ! Wow, it’s so fantastic. Furthermore, the school radio broadcasting which is usually presented in Indonesian, now it is presented in English by students of Petra 1 JHS. Wow, it’s incredible, because they can do it well. Last but not least, at the end of the school, we close the day by English prayer. It’s great, seemingly  English fills in the atmosphere of Petra 1 Junior High School in an English week programme.

So, that’s all from us. Even this article is also written in English to welcome English week, as one of the Academic Excellence programme from P1. Hopefully, this programme can be successful and applied daily in Petra 1 JHS. Petra School, GREAT! Petra 1, COOL! English week programme, WOW! Excellence !!!!

by:Christian M.B. (9.1/07)

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