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Serving God

servingServing God is one of our longing. We realize that living in this earth is not only for ourselves but also for  God and others. We, the students of Petra 1 Christian Junior High School are always ready to do it. Moreover, we are always supported by our principal and teachers.

One day, our principal asked us to do the ministry at church and of course, we accepted it. We thought it was the precious moment that we had been waiting for. We gathered to discuss our plan to do rehearsal two weeks before the performance. We practiced at our music room hard and seriously. At the first time of our rehearsal, we were so screwed, but we didn't give up easily. We practiced more seriously because we wanted to give the best for God. We kept practicing before devotion and finally could play it much better.

On Sunday, 3rd of March 2013, We, including some of our  teachers joined the devotion at GKI Darmo. Before the devotion began, we prayed together. In the beginning of devotion, Naomi played  "guzheng" in the songs of  "Tiap Langkahku" and "Above All". She played them well and beautifully. All people in the church enjoyed it and looked more engrossed in joining the devotion. In the middle of the devotion, we continued our performances, Michael Jeihan and Shanti came to stage to praise the Lord  accompanied by  Devina in piano, Orlando in drums,  Luke in guitar while Tirza and Monica in backing vocal. Our perfomances were completed by  Naomi who played  "guzheng"  in the song of "Sentuh Hatiku" and violin in  the song of "Via Dolorosa". After the devotion, some people came to us and said that our performances were impressing. It was an amazing day for us because we could serve and glorify God with all of our heart.

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