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Symphony of Justice

14th of February 2015 was a special day for Petra 1 Christian Junior High School students. Do you know why ??? Obviously it is a valentine day, but actually that is not the point. 14th of February was the day when we held our art performance. So some students performed their talents in playing music, singing, dancing, or even acting. Not only the students but also the teachers wanted to show their talents. Guess what? They sang in the art performance. One of the most wonderful gospel songs is “Shine”. And the surprising performance had not ended there yet. The whole performance were performed in English, from the opening by Mc, praying, song, the speech of Ms. Hariati as the principal of Petra 1 Christian Junior High School and the drama. Well the reason we used English for the art performance was because we wanted to sharpen our ability in English. Moreover, it is our Excellent point. Do you want to know the rest of the story ? Just stay tune on it.

This Art performance is held annually by our school, and the theme for this year is Justice. But what does justice actually mean? Is it about superman or batman who protects all the people from crime? Well actually justice is not only about super heroes, but also about how brave you can defend the truth. Of course from this Art performance we can learn how to protect justice even though you are threatened by other people.

Anyway when the time showed 05.00 p.m, all the performers had been ready in the backstage. We were all so nerveous but we believed that we had practiced a lot and hopefully everything would be done well. The main show of the art performance was the drama. It was a story about a kingdom that was led by a king called Charles. He was a king that loved a peaceful life and cared about all his people’s life. But In that kingdom there was also the wicked advisor named Miranda. She wanted to take the King’s position to be the queen no matter how. She even had a plan to murder the king and take all the people’s lands. Fortunately, there was a girl called Ella. She knew Miranda’s evil plans and she was willing to tell everybody about it even though she was only an ordinary girl. Because of her bravery, the kingdom was safe and in turn Miranda spent her whole life living in the dungeon. The drama taught us that justice was not only applied in certain aspect, but also in all parts of our real life.

After the drama ended, all the performers sang along together a song from Bon Jovi “It’s my life” as the closing of the Art Performance. We were so happy as the art performance could run well. We heard the audience’s cheers and applause. We thanked God for His blessing ‘till the end. Hopefully all these good memories will be of our remembrance forever.


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