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The Fantastic Milestone


As the sun set, students of Petra 1 Christian Junior High School had already been there for an hour, in the auditorium of Petra 1 Christian Senior High School. What was happening there? Jeez, they were going to watch a fascinating art performance held by their beloved school. Fascinating .... ???? Why ... ??? all are in English. All the activities and attractions were intended to be delivered in English in accordance with the school Excellent Point which is English. English coloured the atmosphere since the ushers welcomed the guests politely, the choir opened the show, the principle delivered the speech, the singers sang the songs, the students performed the play until Mr. Christian closed the show with his prayer. In short, from the beginning till the end of the art performance, there was no other language used except ENGLISH. To make this special moment to be excellent was not a simple way. We had to prepare everything well. Not only the students but also the teachers helped us how to speak English well when we welcomed the guests. We were inspired to show the best performance. Many students joined to be part of the performance. They were ballerinas, modern dancers, some group of bands, singers and a big team of drama casts. They had practiced hard and prepared every single things so well that they could perform their best for the excellent art performance. And ... Now it’s time to perform!

Sharply at 5 pm in the evening on lovely Saturday on February 8th, 2014, the art performance was about to begin. Coming up with “The Fantastic Milestone” as the major theme of it, this performance was arranged as one of Talent Development implementations of Petra 1 Christian Junior High School. Students’ talents and creativities were considered the main point to be shown off attractively in the performance. The atmosphere of the auditorium became more mesmerizing due to the big applause and the cheerfulness of the students. Some musical worshiping songs by the Choir of Petra 1 amusingly initiated the performance and Mr. Panca led praying in English. Wow!! It was amazing that the teachers of Petra 1 CJHS were very good at English.

Afterward, Mrs. Hariati Santoso, the principle of Petra 1 CJHS, opened the performance with a motivating speech for the students. She admitted that she was so proud of the performance since this year art performance was different from the last year one. Is that so? Absolutely, yes! With regard to the implementation of the excellent point of our school, the current performance was executed in English. Moreover, the firm togetherness existed in Petra 1 CHJS. It was shown from a great combination of the students’ hard work and the teachers’ supports and encouragement.

The play performance was also great. A clear plot and good moral value of the drama were developed as the prior story line of the performance. It began with a story about a life of naughty kid and his adopted brother. The kid always did something bad to his brother. His father had no time for him because he’s too busy. It made him a bad student who always caused troubles in the school. A various tones of the performance were built up with the shows of the performers. The talented ballerinas and modern dancers dragged into serene atmosphere. The musical shows from the bands and singers completed this performance with energetic and fun air. The developed atmosphere of the performance and the story line of the drama were merged very well. The story ended with a touching scene when the naughty kid had a very terrible accident. It brought big impacts to him and his family. He regretted his bad attitude and his father realized that his job was not more important than his family.

As the time went by so fast, we didn’t realize that the performance came to the end until Mr. Kristian came to the stage to close the show with devoted prayer. What a very spectacular performance! Thanks God for the fantastic performance. Long life Petra 1!!!!

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